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Azure Gazette – 14 March 2018

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The Azure Gazette is a round-up of news about Microsoft Azure.

  • Azure Stack Capacity Planner Excel Spreadsheet

    The Microsoft Azure Stack documentation team has released a new Azure Stack Capacity Planner. This planner is intended to help assist in the pre-purchase planning efforts for determining the appropriate capacity and configuration of Azure Stack hardware solutions.

  • Allscripts launches industry’s first machine learning EHR

    “This new solution is not simply an iteration of legacy systems,” said Jim Hewitt, EVP of Solutions Development for Allscripts. “It is an entirely new approach to the EHR. Our objective with Avenel is to get the technology out of the way, so clinicians can focus on the patient.”
    Built on Microsoft Azure, Avenel streamlines workflows and “gets smarter with every use,” Hewitt noted. The solution integrates clinicians’ treatment patterns and provides reminders of preferences to facilitate faster documentation and decision making.

  • What Microsoft understands about open source that your company does not

    Microsoft has had a pretty angry relationship with open source. And now they’re the world’s largest contribtors. They have realised that their future depends on open source! Many companies still haven’t come to the same conclusion.

    “If you’re going to be a vendor of open source, you need to be part of it.” According to Raghu Ramakrishnan, Microsft’s CTO of Data. While he’s correct, many companies just don’t understand how important it is not just to consume open source, but also contribute to it.

  • Microsoft and Xiaomi expand partnership

    Where it started: The relationship between the two companies spans back to 2015 when Xiaomi began using Microsoft Azure to run its Mi Cloud service for smartphone users and in 2016 Xiaomi began pre-installing the Microsoft Office and Skype app for its Android-based devices.

  • Enterprises turn to multi-cloud environments despite extra complexity

    Although AWS remains the most popular cloud platform, with 25.9 percent of enterprises using it compared to 23.9 percent for Microsoft Azure and 20.9 percent for VMware, Microsoft Azure users are more likely than AWS and VMware users to use the platform for both development and production environments. 88 percent of enterprise Azure users use it for both, followed by 73 percent for VMware and 72 percent for AWS.

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