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Azure Gazette – 7 March 2018

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Tha Azure News is a weekly round-up of Azure events.

  • Is Azure Responsible for Microsoft’s All-Time Highs?

    The presentation above by RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report states that, while Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) leads the public cloud space, Microsoft Azure has grown to reach 70% of US adoption.

    On the back of growing public cloud adoption rates, you can’t help but think that Microsoft’s fiscal success rides on the market penetration of its Azure public cloud offereing. With global spending on public cloud expected to rise 23.2% to reach $160 billion in 2018. In the next five years, the public cloud space is likely to see a growth rate 21.9%, and spending on public cloud services will reach $277 billion in 2021.

  • Microsoft to offer governments local version of Azure cloud service

    Microsoft says it will soon make it possible for government clients to run its cloud technology on their own servers as part of a concerted effort to make Azure more appealing to local and federal agencies.

  • Telefónica adds Microsoft Azure to its mutli-cloud offering

    By integrating Microsoft Azure into its portfolio Telefónica says it can offer its customers the most complete, flexible and secure multicloud services portfolio in the B2B market. What makes the offering unique is that by combining its local datacenter services with Azure, along with it connectivity and security services. Telefónica has already begun offering Azure services to its customers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain, and will roll out these services to more countries throughout 2018.

  • Microsoft targets university students with new Azure for Students plan

    Last week, Microsoft introduced a new Azure for Students offering. This complements the existing Azure for Students Starter plan — the rebranded Imagine subscription for Azure. (This Imagine subscription was formerly part of DreamSpark, which was discontinued/rebranded to Imagine in 2016.)
    The Azure for Students plan gives those with a verifiable school address full access to more than 25 Azure services — including some AI ones — for free, plus $100 in credit.

  • Sectra to Utilize Microsoft Azure for its Cloud-based Imaging IT Solutions in the US

    Sectra PACS, Sectra VNA and Sectra DoseTrack for radiation dose monitoring are all available as Azure cloud services. Additionally, solutions for cross-enterprise sharing and collaborating of medical images, disaster recovery services, proactive system monitoring support, and educational portals are also delivered through Azure. In the future, Sectra plans to add support for pathology and cardiology as well as developing tighter integration with Azure for rapid delivery and elasticity of Sectra’s imaging software.

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