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Where can I learn about Azure?

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There are, not surprisingly, a heap of resources out there to learn about Azure. Azure tends to change pretty rapidly as Microsoft adds additional features and services to grow the offering. Therefore, books tend to become out-of-date pretty quickly!

The trick to finding a good manual is to find one that focusses on the core idea and functionality of the technology rather than concentrating on particular services.

The challenge with looking online is, sifting through the mass of material that comes from even the most specific search. John Savill’s book, Mastering Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services is filled with great examples. It suffers from being a little out-of-date and still remains relevant. If you’re studying for the 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam this is a relevant and useful reference.

The book explains clearly and succinctly the Azure key concepts and even provides low-level PowerShell scripts to help enhance the learning experience. Each chapter ends with “The Bottom Line” which is a crisp summary of key knowledge covered in that chapter. John’s ability to simplify difficult concepts is what makes the book.

As a veteran, Jonh is aware of that and takes care of the “out-of-date” issue through an app for the book!! Yes, the book has an app. Through that app, you can get updates and changes and can be downloaded from his website.