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The OpenStack Times – 14 March 2018

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The OpenStack Times is a roundup news about OpenStack

  • OpenStack promoting NFV at the network & IoT edge

    Over the past decade, NFV has been a hot topic of conversation in the network equipment industry. NFV holds the promise of getting away from fixed function network elements and evolving to a paradigm similar to web services or enterprise data-centre. This involves replacing the networking equipment with a general-purpose multicore processor, storage, and network I/O servers with a virtualization layer as the foundation. The functions that used to reside in the physical network element would then be virtualized into a “Virtual Network Function” or VNF. These VNFs contain the protocol and packet processing required for the network, but can be easily upgraded, replaced, and managed without having to replace network equipment. This promises much higher scalability, configurability, and faster roll-out of new services.

  • Red Hat Brings the Power and Flexibility of Red Hat Virtualization to SAP HANA® Environments

    Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that Red Hat Virtualization now supports the SAP HANA® platform, a market-leading in-memory data and application development platform for running big data workloads. Red Hat is now able to offer an operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA) and hypervisor that are both validated for use with SAP HANA environments, providing a level of open standardization to organizations seeking a greater choice of virtualized solutions, operational efficiencies and cost reductions in their datacenters.

  • Supporting the open and flexible telco cloud

    Carrier demand for deployment flexibility of cloud-based functions is bringing forward a new generation of products. These are modular hardware units with open source software integrations – from edge core (cRAN and mCORD) use cases to massively scalable open cloud solutions – that help operators distribute and manage applications in different locations.
    “We want operators to have a white-box solution that can natively integrate key software solutions on the market, notably OpenStack, Kubernetes and Docker.”
    This video outlines the challenges operators face in terms of the costs of NFVi cloud management software. It discusses the requirement for hardware solutions that can natively integrate key software solutions on the market, such as OpenStack, Kubernetes and Docker.

  • How Containers Work in OpenStack Queens

    There are many different ways in which containers are used and enabled throughout the open-source OpenStack cloud platform. With the OpenStack Queens platform, which was released on Feb. 28, there are even more options than ever before.

    OpenStack has been supporting containers for several years, beginning with the nova-docker driver in the OpenStack Nova compute project, which has since been deprecated. Among the different OpenStack container efforts in 2018 are Zun, Magnum, Kuryr, Kolla, LOCI, OpenStack-Helm and Kata containers.

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